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Create your own formula by combining any three Essential Oils of your choice. We will blend your constituents with Squalane, a superior carrier oil for direct application to the skin.

 A third solution will be automatically added to your cart when any two solutions are selected. You may edit the third solution's composition in your shopping cart before checkout. 


  • Squalane [’skwei,li:n] noun: Organic Chemistrysqualane-logo.jpg

    Holographic Substance that mimics your bodies own secretion. The human body produces its own form of squalane and in time it produces less and less. This cruelty free olive derived version is a complex replenishing extraction that makes itself readily available for the body to accept. Full absorption delivers moisture without oily residue or greasy feeling. We use Squalane as a carrier oil as it is rapidly absorbed by the skin to allow maximum absorption of the therapeutic properties of the Essential Oil rather than sit on top of the skin as a fractionated coconut oil or other carriers would

  •  Essential Oils - An organic steam distilled or cold pressed constituents specifically chosen for the therapeutic properties of their unique molecular compositions

1x 17ml Glass Vial of Custom Solution

1x Dropper Cap

Note: It is recommended you do your own research for each Essential Oil before use. Some oils cannot be used by people of a certain age and people with certain health issues. 

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Note:: Select duplicate constituents if you desire less than 3 constituents in your blend

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