LED Light Therapy Clinically Proven For Anti-Aging And Acne

How It Works

A re-invention of the traditional facial mask, brought up to date through the use of modern day light therapy technology. Our LED Facial Mask uses patented technology that contours, and covers the entire facial area, offering a full facial rejuvenating experience - for range of skin imperfections and signs of ageing. LED Therapy provides a fantastic solution to getting the best from cosmetics. By boosting cosmetic products through light energy and increased heat temperature. Unlike other masks on the market, ours in non-disposable providing a more powerful treatment as it does not run on batteries but rather plugs into a USB. Our mask is flexable and has the maximum amount of LED lights allowing full coverage and treatment of the face.

The skin has a wonderful ability absorb light energy, the skin utilizes this energy to kick-start the cells into producing more cellular fuel (ATP), boosting their performance and allowing them to do what they do naturally, but at an enhanced rate. Light therapy is recognized medically and also proven clinically, and offers many therapeutic benefits that are safe, non-invasive and chemical free.

Light therapy produces wonderful responses within the body, these responses vary in effects and benefits. The LED Facial Mask is unique with its ability to harness a wide range of therapeutic light, that helps the body's own natural healing responses listed below:

● Kick-starts cells into immediately creating more ATP (cellular energy) and increasing DNA and RNA activity

● Releases the body’s own nitric oxide (NO). NO has been shown in studies to have an anti-inflammatory, pain reduction and regenerative effects on the body that can support healing

● Light energy has been shown to increase blood circulation, increase the activity of Fibroblasts and boost Collagen synthesis for anti-ageing.

With light therapy there are some immediate visible changes in the skin, with most changes continuing naturally, over a few weeks. The light stimulates natural processes even after the treatment has stopped, for a progressive approach, which builds resistance over time to ageing and external factors. A light therapy treatment involves exposing the skin to the beneficial light for 20-30 minutes; the number of treatments required can vary with skin conditions and severity of the condition. A single session is an ideal boost, however a course of treatment is recommended for long-term results.

Is Light Therapy Clinically Proven?

Light therapy is clinically proven and medically recognized. Below are some inserts from clinical studies showing the effects of light therapy:

NASA’s discovery of healing properties of light therapy View Study

“Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light from LEDs, which is energy just outside the visible range, grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light. The light arrays increase energy inside cells that speed up the healing process.”

- Dr. Whelan


“Combination blue and red LED therapy appears to have excellent potential in the treatment of mild to severe acne. Treatment appears to be both pain- and side effect-free.”

- Goldberg DJ, Russell BA

“The results support the effectiveness of using blue-light LED therapy on a daily basis for better improvement and faster resolution of inflammatory acne lesions.”

- Gold MH, Sensing W, Biron JA

[RED] Facial Mask

Red LED offers targeted light to prevent & combat the signs of ageing. The light penetrates deep within the skin and boosts cellular activity, prompting increased collagen production and fibroblast activity that help ward off the signs of ageing with results being felt after the first session. To be used once or twice a day for best results.

[BLUE] Facial Mask

Blue LED offers a new solution to suffers of acne, by penetrating into the surface layer of the skin, then fighting acne causing bacteria where it is active. Helps quicken recovery time, inflamed acne and breakouts. To be used daily, with a recommended course of 2-3 months for best results.

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