The Best Defense Against Naysayers: Scientific Basis

On 2/24/15 Sutro Lab made a blog post about "Hydrosol: One Of The Most Recognized Substances In Healing". For the most part, response from the public was positive due to the posts educational substance. However, with anything new there are certain to be naysayers. 

In a post sharing our blog, the reader asks: "What the actual f@#$ is a "holographic substance" supposed to be? Is this the level that we have reached as a society where we reject mountains of empirical evidence but place our trust in people who just string random words together into incoherent sentences?

No, don't answer that, the question is clearly and sadly rhetorical."

He goes on to suggest that the term was made up by our staff "smoking up in the employee lounge"...

Our response:

Hello ______, thank you for sharing our post from Sutro Lab about Hydrosol: One of The Most Recognized Holographic Substances In Healing.

Regarding your scepticism about our product and the validity of its label, a Holographic Substance is indeed "a thing". It's not a term made up by my company. It was actually Suzanne Catty: North America's preeminent researcher and advocate of hydrosols. A professional aromatherapist and author of the book "Hydrosol: The Next Aromatherapy" from which we quoted in the blog that you shared.

The reason we can say that it is "One of the Most Recognized Holographic substances" is that it is actually recognized by many in the healing community meaning its not just something we thought of while "smoking out in the employee lounge". I can assure you the only thing happening in our lounge is research so that we can educated people like yourself about the benefits of holistic healing. Holographic, meaning it is a mirror image of the substance from which it was derived. Hydrosol containing the full matrix of the plant (plant pigment, flavonoids, Organic acids and essential oils) make it a "Holographic Substance".

Our company principles are intended to contribute towards providing the highest quality natural products and clarifying the scientific research their therapeutic properties are based on. I can understand the doubt people might have when seeing something new but there are mountains of empirical evidence supporting what we are doing. Our blog posts are just one of the ways we try to educate the public and are not and will never be just random words strung together in incoherent sentences. We are a small local business and take pride in everything we put out into the public whether it be a blog or one of our many therapeutic scientifically backed products.

Thank you for your time

Sean Sprawling


Sutro Lab LLC