The Truth About Bath Salts

The truth about bath salts,.. they’re so twentieth century

When it comes to beauty and relaxation we all know about bath salts and their supposed benefits. But has anyone ever really stopped and looked at the science behind bath salts? What you may not know is that bath salts are outdated, bad for you, and bad for the bath.

Here’s Why:

You’re not absorbing what you think you are.

So what actually is the salt in your bath doing for you? It’s acting simply as emulsifier, or conduit for the therapeutic properties found inside the essential oils to disperse into the water, then through osmosis into the body through the skin. Interestingly enough it’s not doing a good job of it. Our Skin is lipid (fat) permeable and almost completely waterproof, the very top layers of our skin (the stratum corneum) is mainly dead skin cells filled with Keratin (a fibrous protein that gives our skin its strength) additionally we have Sebaceous glands that produce an oily substance called sebum that is made of triglycerides, squalene, and metabolites of fat-producing cells. Sebum waterproofs and lubricates the skin, making it nearly impossible for any absorption into the skin through water.

You’re buying too much.

Everyone knows that bath salts come in all different colors, and scents but one thing remains the same from brand to brand, the size. Why is it that you need 2 cups of bath salts per bath? Put simply you’re paying for filler. Substances labeled “Bath Salts” often include one or more of the following; Epsom salts, sodium chloride (table salt), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), borax, glycerin, and sodium citrate which all help dilute and extend the added fragrances and oils. Adding no actual mineral and vitamin content themselves.

It’s bad for your home.

Our home's plumbing systems are complicated things, did you know that salt can interfere with the beneficial bacterial action in your septic systems? Leading to expensive solutions down the road.

You’re damaging your skin.

It is important to note that there is no scientific proof of bath salts alleviating aches and pains, moisturizing the skin, or detoxifying the system. Salt baths do not even merit a mention in most home remedies books, as in Home Remedies: Hydrotherapy, massage, charcoal, and other simple treatments by Agatha and Calvin Thrash MD, in which they mention the 5 medicated baths alkaline, starch, oatmeal, peroxide, and sulphur which treat a multitude of ailments from poison ivy to rheumatoid arthritis. What we do know is that salt bathing might damage the populations of natural good bacteria found naturally on the skin, which can leave you more open to infections.

It’s not the quality you think it is.

Many companies do not differentiate between the salts they sell to you and the salt that is used to melt snow in the winter months, or to clean the hulls of ships at sea, as it is inexpensive and readily available in large quantities. Besides food grade there is no regulated grading system for salt.

After looking at the facts it’s apparent that the bath salts your using are failing at giving you the wellness benefits you need. Aside from leaving their residue on your skin and mess in your bathroom, bath salts are a waste of money and resources. Thankfully Sutro Lab has developed an alternative that succeeded where bath salts have failed. The Elixir, a therapeutic mixture formulated to bloom in the bath allowing the ingredients to fuse into the water utilizing Squalane, that mimics your body's own secretions which delivers moisture without oily residue or greasy feeling, and allows maximum absorption of the therapeutic properties in the essential oils rather than sit on top of the skin as they do when you bathe with bath salts as the emulsifier. Even dispersion of Therapeutic Essential Oils into bath water assure safe application of Essential Oils as they will not float on top of the water allowing unsafe undiluted direct contact with the skin as is the case with Bath Salts. 

Remember, no one is going to protect you and your health except you. The more information you have, the better able you will be to make good choices, thus controlling your exposure to synthetics, carcinogens, preservatives, and toxins of all kinds. This level of awareness is the minimum necessary if your intention is to preserve and maintain your health.

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