Give the gift of an eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets. No chemicals, no waste, just natural wool balls to reduce drying time, wrinkles and static. Freshen up your clothes by adding a few drops of essential oils! 

  • 100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls
  • Softens Laundry Naturally--- No Chemicals or Synthetics Used (great for those with sensitive skin & babies)
  • Shortens Drying Time (use 3 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large) • Extra-Large (larger than a tennis ball,) Handmade, Eco-friendly, Saves Energy
  • Lasts for a Thousand-Plus Loads, Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners, Saves Money. (A healthy, petroleum-free alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls)

In The Box

  • Set of 6 colorful 100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls (no fillers)
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