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Oily skin is typically a hereditary trait that is caused by overactive sebaceous glands. An excessive production of sebum creates larger pores which can become clogged with oil and dirt and lead to acne. Oily skin can often be managed through the use of products that are astringent, that target topical congestion and absorb oil.

We combine Result-Oriented Facial Treatments with Clinically Proven LED Therapy & a proper skin care routine extremely beneficial to this skin type. 

Result Oriented Facial Treatments & LED Therapy

  • Session N° 01 [1.25hr]
  • Session N° 02 [0.50hr]
  • Session N° 03 [0.25hr]

 Skin Care Routine (included + treatment guide)

  • Salicylic cleanser
  • Dermal Balancing toner
  • Glycolic Brightening serum
  • Vital Daily eye crème
  • Carifying serum
  • Botanical Hydra gel
  • Kaolin Revitalizing Mask. 

Acne | Combination | Advanced Treatment Plan | $289 | 415.890.6801

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