Our Hydroxy Acid Professional Use Only Peels use cutting edge technology to accelerate the natural exfoliation process removing the top layer of skin and exposing new and radiant skin. We are happy to announce our collaboration with Physicians Choice Alliance to deliver peels gentle and effective enough for both sensitive and problem skin. 

Sensi Peel
Key ingredients - lactic and kojic acids
Perfect for all skin types including first time peelers and sensitive skin. It is formulated to address texture, hyper-pigmentation and promotes an even skin tone.

Acne Relief Peel
Key ingredient - salicylic acid
Brightens skin and helps with congestion, oil and breakouts. 

Ultra Peel
Key ingredients - Trichloroacetic Acid and vitamin C.
Our go-to peel for anti-aging. Brighten & tighten! This peel resurfaces for smooth skin, is packed with antioxidants, and penetrates deep into the skin to address fine lines and wrinkles. Not for first timers.


Result Oriented Facial Treatments + LED Therapy

  • Session N° 01: Treatment [0.75hr]
  • Session N° 02: Free Follow Up  [0.15hr]

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